Crown Sydney


Crown Resorts is in the process of constructing and operating Crown Sydney, the first six-star hotel casino resort of its kind in Sydney. It is located to the south of Barangaroo on Sydney Harbor. It is going to be a world-class facility featuring 350 suites and hotel rooms, signature restaurants, luxury apartments, bars, swimming pool, spa facilities, luxury retail outlets, VIP gaming, and conference rooms. Crown Sydney’s location is quite strategic, presenting a rare opportunity to deliver a prestigious landmark of international significance on one of the loveliest harbours in the world.

Ever since the Olympics of 2000, Barangaroo is the largest urban regeneration project ever to be undertaken in Sydney. It also happens to be among the most important waterfront transformations currently being undertaken all over the world. The site comprise three development areas, independent and yet interdependent on one another—Barangaroo Central, The Headland Park, and Barangaroo South. The developer of Barangaroo South is Lend Lease, which has signed an exclusive deal with Crown Resorts to construct Crown Sydney.

Crown Sydney Hotel Resort received conditional approval from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission, which reviewed its development application thoroughly. Throughout its planning process, Crown Resorts consulted Sydney’s industry representatives, stakeholders, the City of Sydney, local businesses, as well as residents. The company will continue doing this till the completion of its construction project.

Barangaroo offers a rare opportunity for the creation of a new zone for guests, employees, as well as residents. It connects the harbor and the CBD and throws it open to public use. Over 50% of the project will be meant for the entertainment of the public and will include a brand new park.


Key Features of Crown Sydney

Crown Sydney dreams of gaining recognition as one of the greatest hotels in the world, an international icon that will represent not only Sydney, but also Australia. Here are some of the key features of Crown Sydney:

  • Six-star luxury hotel with high quality guest experiences, facilities, and services
  • Internationally acclaimed architectural icon
  • Integrated with Barangaroo South’s active public areas right from its ground floor
  • Aims to create public access and open spaces along the foreshore of the harbor
  • Operational as well as architectural layout is sustainable and innovative
  • Top-quality guest experiences, services, and accommodation
  • Aims to boost the economy of Australia as well as NSW
  • Aims to create a significant tourist hotspot in Barangaroo
  • Aims to create an area that will soon become a favourite among visitors as well as local people
  • Aims to incorporate the city’s imagery, culture, and lifestyle


The Government of Australia has agreed to all the conditions put forth by the Labour to get its approval for the Crown Sydney Hotel Casino Resort project. Accordingly, the project received the green light only after it changed its plans to include no poker machines. The project is also required to avoid encroachment of public spaces and to restrict its gambling floors only to VIP members.

Crown Sydney has also received a gaming license that will remain valid for the next 99 years. However, this casino will have no poker machines and minimum bet limits of $20 for blackjack, $30 for blackjack, and $25 for roulette will be set. Only guests and members will be granted access to the gambling floors.

Overseas and interstate players can become members of Crown Sydney, but they will have to undergo a cooling off period of 24 hours. This cooling off period is not required if they show that they are already VIP members of some other casino.


Barangaroo South, being a natural extension of the west-facing side of CBD, will be the newest tourism, financial, and business destination in Sydney. Once completed, it will present the following facilities.

  • Office space sprawling over 320,000 square meters
  • Working space for up to 23,000 professionals
  • Luxury hotel resort with a gambling area open to VIPs only
  • Premium low-rise and high apartments
  • Over 75 retail outlets including bars and restaurants and cafes

Contact Crown Sydney

Those interested can view the latest developments of the Crown Sydney luxury hotel casino project by visiting the official website. They also have a feedback form at their website. If you need to contact Crown Sydney to make a suggestion or voice an opinion, you can use this feedback form. The hotel casino resort is always happy to hear from its future guests and members.

Crown Sydney will be ready for use in 2021.